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Calf & Crew

Silicone Suction Bowl + Spoon- Latte

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$25.95 AUD

Calf & Crew suction bowls are perfect for transitioning your little one onto solids - & for keeping the food off the floor! 

Its features include:

  • A suction base - say goodbye to upside down bowls and wasted food!
  • Completely BPA free, FDA approved silicone
  • Specially designed to help your little ones learn to feed themselves
  • Super easy to clean - our bowls are dishwasher safe! Or if you're the hand washing type, rinse with soapy, warm water and voila! All clean!
  • Microwave and oven safe

What more could you want, right mumma!?

Note that the suction of our bowls will be most effective on clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces including plastic, glass or metal. If placed on surfaces that are rough, slightly curved or porous, the suction may not work as well.